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Complete Sprinkler System Set Up

Complete Sprinkler System Installations in Melbourne, FL

Sprinkler System Installations

If you’re searching for the right irrigation and sprinkler specialists for your Satellite Beach home, don’t hesitate to call Competitive Plumbing & Irrigation today at 321-243-0363, and make sure you take advantage of our current specials and discounts for your your sprinkler service!

Our goal is to surpass your expectations in both installation, service, and maintenance with full-service and cost-effective complete watering system that is hand selected and installed by our friendly and knowledgeable team of experts. Ready to improve the look and feel of your landscaping with a lush, healthy and well-manicured lawn? Call your sprinkler professionals at Competitive Plumbing & Irrigation today to schedule an appointment with our helpful staff by dialing (321) 243-0363.

Sprinkler System Installation and Repair

Weather you want a new system or repair your existing system, Competitive Plumbing & Irrigation has the expertise to create the lawn of your dreams!

  • Complete Sprinkler System Installation
  • Sprinkler System Renovation
  • Sprinkler System Re-Route
  • Sprinkler Zone Addition
  • PVC Line Repair
  • Sprinkler Head Installation

Sprinkler System Controllers

Sprinkler system controllers are used to either turn the pump or valves on in order for the system to run. Controllers are also needed for the system to run automatically which means you don’t have to do anything but watch it run.

We Offer the Following Services for Your System Controller Installations:

  • Digital Timer Installation
  • Pump Start Timer Installation
  • Pump Start Relay Installation
  • Rain Sensor Installation

Sprinkler Pump Installation & Repair

We Offer the Following Services for Your Sprinkler’s Pump and Motor:

  • Sprinkler Pump Installation
  • Sprinkler Motor Installation
  • Sprinkler Pump Repair

Hydraulic & Electric Valve Installation & Repair

We Offer the Following Services for Your Sprinkler’s Index Valve:

  • Hydraulic Index Valve Installation
  • Hydraulic & Electric Flow Control Valve
  • Electric Valve Wire Repair
  • Valve Box Installation

Sprinkler Maintenance and Tune Up Services

Your sprinkler system is like everything else you have, it needs to be tuned up several times per year. We recommend that you tune up your sprinkler system in the spring and fall in order to get the best results for your yard. All sprinkler system tune ups are a set labor price with the parts needed for the job added on to the cost of the entire job.

We Offer the Following Services for Your Sprinkler’s Tune Up:

  • Clean filter on system
  • Manually clean every head out in the system
  • Clean grass away from every head
  • Adjust every head for proper coverage
  • Inspect every zone for broken PVC lines
  • Inspect system for dry spots
  • Inspect valves for proper use
  • Set system controller for desired use

It is important to keep your lawn and landscaping healthy, lush and watered properly all year long by having a complete sprinkler system properly installed and maintained.  Ready to transform your curb and lawn with a total landscaping makeover? Call Competitive Plumbing & Irrigation, your Satellite Beach sprinkler specialists, at (321) 243-0363 today!