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Foundation and Slab Leak Repairs

Satellite Beach Slab Leak or Foundation Repair Specialists

Have you noticed a puddle of water accumulating on the floor, a musty smell, or higher water bills? You may have a slab leak. Contact Competitive Plumbing & Irrigation, your Satellite Beach slab leak specialists, today at 321-243-0363 to ensure your home is properly taken care of as soon as possible.

Slab leaks or underground water pipe leaks are more common than you may realize. There are many causes of slab leaks, and even a newer home can have an underground copper pipe leak. If your home does have a slab leak, you may notice water on the floor, higher water bills, hot spots on the floor, or another of the signs listed, below:

Have you noticed any of the following signs?

  • Water accumulating on the floor
  • The sound of water running, though no fixtures are on
  • Higher water bills
  • A musty smell
  • A lack of hot water
  • Instant hot water at fixtures that didn’t have hot water before
  • Hot spot(s) on the floor

Need Help?

While the above signs are fairly reliable indicators of an underground pipe leak, the only way to be sure is through electronic leak detection. At Competitive Plumbing & Irrigation, we have friendly and highly-experienced technicians that can test and locate structural or plumbing issues using a variety of methods to quickly get you back in operation so you can get back to your routine with the least disruption possible. Some of the greatest dangers around your home may be unseen, such as slab leaks. Avoiding these unseen dangers and alerting your family to the pitfalls can be as simple as having regular maintenance checks at least twice a year.

If you suspect you may have a slab leak,  call Competitive Plumbing & Irrigation, your slab leak repair specialists in the Satellite Beach, FL area, today at (321) 243-0363 to schedule an appointment with our friendly, knowledgeable staff.